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Live Blackjack: New Game That Takes Over The World


Live Blackjack is an incredible game for casino enthusiasts. Live blackjack game takes place in real time and you can follow the action via live stream. Players have the feeling to attend land-based adventure, but from the comfort of the home. Nowadays you can find live blackjack even on mobile devices.

How Does Live Blackjack Work?

When you start live blackjack online on your computer or mobile, you will see the virtual table used to place bets. All the time, the game features video box and the whole gaming action through live stream. Players can follow real croupier which operates the game.

Live Blackjack Rules

Live blackjack is based on similar rules as a land-based variant. If you want to start the game, check the rules now:

  • The game uses six, seven or eight decks of cards.
  • There are either one-to-one tables or one-to-many blackjack tables.
  • Croupier receive the bets from as many players as possible.
  • Dealer stands or hits on soft 17.
  • Rules regarding splitting, surrendering, insurance vary.
  • Betting limits differ depending on the type.

How To Play Live Blackjack?

New Zealand players can easily master the blackjack rules. The game begins with bets placed by players. In the next step, live croupier deals two cards to each gambler. Depending on the cards, players should make some of the following steps:

  • Hit (receive another card).
  • Stand (don't receive more cards).
  • Double their bet (in case of positive hands).
  • Split pairs.

When the betting process is over, the players' hands are compared with the dealersˈ. Depending on that, the player will win or lose the game. When the player has blackjack 21, he receives 3 to 2 payout. If the player loses the game, he can place another wager and play.

Types Of Live Blackjack

If you look for the best live dealer blackjack games, here you can find some suggestions:

  • VIP blackjack (possible bets up to 5,000 per hand).
  • Blackjack party (followed by music and chat).
  • Common Draw blackjack (follows the basic rules).
  • Bet Behind.
  • Perfect Pairs (the most popular variant).
  • Pre-Decision.

Live Blackjack Benefits

Lice blackjack has numerous benefits compared to online blackjack. It includes the interaction between players, real-time gaming experience, different payment methods, and generous bonuses.


Live blackjack is a really exciting game for online punters. It attracts the attention of the community and is generally considered as refreshment from traditional casino experience. That's why you need to sample the game as soon as possible.